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Colour Consultation

Classic Coatings Australia Pty Ltd is able to select and coordinate colour schemes that reflect the personal needs of our clients and enhance the features of their homes at the same time.

Classic Coatings will help you select just the right paint colours for your home, inside and out. “Colours should provide a soothing, comfortable background but shouldn’t be boring. They should complement your furnishings. Colours must be right and when they are right, people don’t notice it.”

In a typical Colour Consultation we spend time getting to know clients by asking questions about their lifestyle, identifying high traffic rooms and gaining insights into their favourite colours and colour schemes. We believe strongly that colours should complement your furnishings and that paint should be a partner in the overall scheme throughout your home.

With more than 2200 paint colours available the task of selecting just the right colours can be difficult for nearly everyone and Classic Coatings is able to assist you select the right colours for your home.